Source: Joel 2:12-13; 28-29 NIV – Rend Your Heart – “Even now,” – Bible Gateway

We all remember waiting for that great present on Christmas morning, don’t we? The expectation, the excitement; there was nothing better than getting that present that we had been asking for all year.

As we get older, though, things change. We grow tired of waiting. We don’t find the same excitement in life, much less presents. We walk around as if we are still waiting on something, but that we don’t ever expect it to arrive.

And there, in the midst of all that, comes the Christmas season. The time of year when we see constant reminders of peace on earth, and hope, and love. A time when we see a more perfect vision for the world. But when we see those visions of a perfect world, our jaded hearts revolt. Our hearts revolt because we have seen this world, and we think we know how it works.

We are wrong.

“Even now”, declares the Lord. Even now! Amid all the pain, and the hard hearts we all carry; amid all our well thought out rationale for every facet of life – even then – we must turn our hearts to God and look for the hope that only He can offer us!

Turn to God and remember that time in our lives when the answer was as easy as asking for His help. Rend your hearts and recall the days when you expected God to deliver a miracle, because life had not yet taught you not to trust Him! Return to God and relive the life that He intended for you to live! A life filled with hope, no matter your circumstances, a life filled with peace even during the storm, a life filled with joy even in sadness!

A life filled with love. The love of God that delivered to us a small child that would save us all! The love that can and will fill our lives, if we only return to God.

Use this moment, this blessed Advent season, as the reminder to return to Him. Use it as the reminder of all that life can and will be – not just now, here on earth, but for eternity – if you set your heart on God.