Greetings MCBC Family,

As we’ve come close to the midway point of our summer, we find ourselves once again celebrating as a nation, our Independence. As you’ve heard me say countless times, we are truly blessed beyond what we deserve and that absolutely applies to us as a nation. Just a simple survey of the nations of the world should help us to see how good God has been to us and for that folks, we should praise Him!

America means many different things to people. For some it is hope, for others it is a refuge, and for many it is an opportunity for life. For the nations of the world folks, we sit as a “city on a hill” BUT we must never forget that the city was built by those who believed and trusted in God. The greatest thing we as a nation can offer the world is not economic stability or military security BUT rather Jesus Christ! The blessings that we’ve received and experienced came from God, so that we would turn our eyes toward Him, believe in His Son and offer Him the praise He is due!

This 4th of July, as we gather, as we reflect back on our Independence, let us NEVER forget the One who offers the greatest freedom and His name is JESUS!


Pastor Stephen