Greetings MCBC family,

As summer comes to an end, the cool weather is ever so slightly making its appearance, the days are getting shorter and one of my favorite times of the year is quickly approaching: Fall.

The changing of the seasons is a natural and needed occurrence as it allows for the old to pass away and new to come. As Christians, we know that one day, the old, or rather the world we presently live in, is going to pass away and God will make all things new.

For you and me, this day will be a great and glorious one because it will mean that sin, sickness, tragedy, and heartache will be only a distant memory. In that day friends, there will no longer be the shedding of tears or sorrow, but rather true joy, happiness, and peace because we will be united with the Lord.

My prayer is that each of us would anxiously, and with great anticipation, look forward to that day. BUT also, share with others how great that day will be, what God did to make that day possible for us AND His desire for us all to join with Him during that time.


Pastor Stephen